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Spring Edition - Nurturing Wellness Collection

Spring Edition - Nurturing Wellness Collection

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Spring Edition -  Nurturing Wellness Collection gift box.

It's the perfect gift to give to your friend or loved one who has been struggling lately or has been diagnosed with cancer and needs a special hug in a box to show you are there for them.

Sometimes, when you've found out a friend or family member has been diagnosed with Cancer you feel numb and shocked.  You become scared not just for them but also of what lies ahead.   

Finding a gift for those on their cancer journey can be hard and we understand that.  It can feel daunting and can cause uncertainty as you don't know what is best to buy them other than flowers which is helpful but also practical at the same time. 

Sourcing the right products for the different treatment paths available is based on our personal experience and knowledge.  We wanted to create a collection of gifts that will not only wow them when they receive them but will create a lasting gesture and allow them to focus and enjoy the smaller things in life we take for granted.

We believe this box will show them how much you care and support them and give them a great starting point on their life-changing journey.  The contents will allow them to stop and reflect on what is important to them and how they can focus on the positive small steps they can take to help lift their mood.

 The products included are:

🌟Body & Soul 12-month wellness journal

🌟Spacemask - Single

🌟Strength crystal bracelet - chosen at random

🌟Gold writing pen

🌟Calming & Relaxing teabags x 2

🌟Delicious bar of Tony’s Chocolate.

Please note: contents may vary, subject to availability.


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