About Us

About Us

Who are Calm+Collective

I'm Donna, a mum, wife, and 'pupster' owner.  In July 2020, I was juggling the Covid lockdown, running my business, and home-schooling my 2 young girls when I was diagnosed with Chondrosarcoma, a rare type of bone cancer.  I had to undergo life-changing surgery with ongoing scans and have had to adapt to a new normal.    

When you hear those words about having cancer, you feel as though your whole world 'freezes' and everything outside is a blur.  Thoughts would run through my mind and I had no one to turn-to to talk to outside of my family.  However friends and family didn’t know what to say or do that would change what I was going through. 

I don’t want others to have the same feelings I experienced of fear, being scared, and being lonely.

 One of the key things I did learn in this continuous experience is that we really need to focus on our self-care, hence 'the calm boxes' were imagined and created.

I would love to share our passion with you every month and it would be fantastic for you to join us on our adventure!

Our Mission

Our mission is above all to make a difference in how others feel following their diagnosis so they don’t feel alone and not just another statistic.  We want to make a difference and raise awareness of the different cancers in the world today and will donate a % of the profits to cancer charities to help research and development. 

We want our boxes to be designed to make you or your loved one feel loved and appreciated.  The box contents will vary each month and will be a surprise for you to receive or send to someone as a ‘hug in a box’ of self-care tips to help them emotionally deal with the journey they face. Hence, the box has a more ‘special’ feel.

We also attach great importance to the fact that the products we deliver are as natural as possible and environmentally friendly. We seek to collaborate with the best brands on the market and make you discover the products that can help you look after yourself.

A circle of friends all coming together in the middle with their arms to show support for those with Cancer

Community Support

As well as the physical products and gift boxes, we have set up a Facebook Group for those diagnosed with Cancer to talk with others who have been on a similar experience and can share their thoughts of the journey.

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